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Shanghai Li Lan International Trade Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the South Korean fashion brand of the import and export trade, agents, production, sales and other business.

Shanghai affiliated LAN International Trade Co., Ltd. is committed to in the pursuit of luxury retro, British style, and guide the trend line, fashion and intellectual women's fashion and clothing culture.

The company is located in Shanghai, with many years of experience in the operation of apparel brands, the formation of marketing center, brand center, production center, R & D center, administrative center of the five major financial centers.

In operation, the company has a profound understanding of the importance of the development of the brand, has been in line with the purpose of a win-win partnership, to build brand support system, and strive to reduce the risk to a minimum. Such as: the product of the product by the market segments listed on the mode of operation,

Effectively reduce the dealer's inventory; implement key marketing strategy, to help dealers quickly expand outlets and digest goods; at the same time, the company import related agencies to accelerate the establishment of production, marketing and management as the core of the operating system,

To develop and maintain the marketing and maintenance of the market with a professional model.

In 2009, the company successfully achieved ABUN (original ADEN) brand of China's regional distribution rights. Company began expansion designers and a team of buyers, ABUN not only has the internationalization of the products, and more accurate grasp of the Chinese market characteristics. The brand has a number of its stores,

According to the current development trend, domestic brands become successful......

Its acting brand: ABUN (Aden) clothing company philosophy is the pursuit of luxury retro, British style, and guide the trend line. South Korean well-known fashion brands, by South Korean star Zhao Rencheng and Sung Yuri endorsement.

ABUN has a good brand image and reputation in South Korea,

Because many Korean stars are ABUN's casual wear, so in the young people with a good degree of acceptance.